5 Reasons To Watch A Live Concert Stream In 2024

Live concert streams are the frontman of immersive music experiences, letting global fans attend A-list shows from the comfort of their own homes. 

Many gig addicts argue that nothing beats the atmosphere of a raw concert experience. But for the rest of us who’ve forked out £4 for a can of water and spent upwards of 20 minutes queuing for the bathrooms, there are countless reasons why watching concerts at home might be even better than the real experience. 

Here are 5 reasons to experience a live concert stream this year, immersing yourself in the music rather than the whirl of your surroundings👇

Grab a front row seat for less  

You don’t need to buy multiple live stream tickets to cover all your usual gig buddies, much less figure out how much people owe you or the most convenient way to transfer the money. It only takes one ticket to attend an On Air event with as many home-spectators as you can muster! No more party-ruining 6-person ticket limits, no tiered seating, “bad” views, or ending up with a far-flung balcony view when you thought you’d bought standing. 

Never miss a gig again 

With live music streams available around the clock, you’ll never miss out on a concert again. Live stream events cut all travel worries such as train strikes, flight cancellations or even last-minute gig cancellations, making your experience as smooth as jazz.  

Get up close and personal with your favourite artists 

Whether you’re discovering a new band or watching your life-long favourites, you’ll find yourself front and centre of an untainted music experience, touring a myriad of world stages from your sofa, and offering views hardly witnessed when sardined with thousands of other fans. There’s no claustrophobia or fear of the mosh pit, and the tallest person in the venue is no longer destined to stand directly in front of you and ruin your view. 

Make the most of your home comforts 

Live concert streams offer a fabulous opportunity to indulge in personal comforts. Takeaways and beverages are welcome; any house snacks are free to be gorged and, thanks to pause and rewind, people are finally free to watch at their own pace, you know, in case the doorbell rings mid-way through, or your glass suddenly needs a re-fill.  

Protect your ears from post-gig tinnitus  

On top of saving your bank account, live streams also prevent the long-term hearing damage caused by filling a stadium with sound. Musicians and gig-goers no longer need to fear the ‘Beethoven’ effect or another sleepless night ruined by post-gig tinnitus. With audio technologies like Dolby Atmos paving the way, concert streaming lets you experience your favourite artists live without overworking your ears or having to miss out on the atmospheric sound effects. 


Which music concerts are available to live stream? 

We host a range of live concert streams, gathering A-List artists and bands from across the spectrum of pop, rock, electronic, and reggae (to name a few), including Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, All Time Low, 10CC, UB40 and Angelique Kidjo amongst many more. 

What are the benefits of live streaming events? 

Concert streams offer the comfort and space to enjoy each detail of a real performance, cutting costs for both musicians and fans while offering front-row seats to every spectator. 

Why do people watch music live streams? 

Concert streams are an easily accessible alternative to the real deal. They cut a night of non-stop standing and drawn-out queuing, re-route the faff of travel and allow a seamless, safe experience for health-vulnerable fans. Even better, music lovers no longer need to juggle their diaries to attend a star-studded concert — on-demand live streams are designed to fit within your everyday routine. 

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