In the last few years, with a little ‘nudge’ from the pandemic, live music and entertainment have quickly shifted online.

There appears to be no shortage of concert films, documentaries, and live performances shown in cinemas, shared across social media and featured on streaming services – note Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ and Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance Tour’ storming the trend in 2023 and tripling their overall revenue.

Why are real-life events finding a second home on screen these days? Streaming content allows organisers to reach their dream global audience, increase profits, promote branding, and potentially double event attendance for fans who missed out entirely. The world is your oyster!

If the above hasn’t already swayed you, here are five reasons to live stream your event this year – live or on demand.

1. Tap into wider audiences

More and more people are choosing to tune in and watch their favourite artists and bands online, overcoming barriers such as location, travel and accommodation costs, full venue capacities, high ticket costs, and personal circumstances. Streaming also allows easier accessibility for those with disabilities and other non-visible diagnoses (i.e. mental health and sensory) – it’s inclusive and everyone gets a front-row seat.

Offering your event on a streaming service– alongside a killer marketing strategy – provides an incredible opportunity to gain global exposure, with anyone from anywhere being able to watch at the simple click of a button on their devices. You might even see some fresh faces at your next in-person event!

2. Promote your brand

It’s no secret that we live in a social-first world, with most people consuming video content daily. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook are packed with short clips, video ads, and live content, allowing you to seize social media with the finest footage from your event.

From the get-go, keep your audience updated with when and where to tune in, who will be performing, and what you’ll be offering so they can get in their diaries. You can even repurpose content clips to maintain momentum.

3. Boost interactions

Live streaming offers an engagement level that traditional content simply can’t match. You can boost interactions with Q&A sessions, polls, and interactive conversations throughout your live broadcasts. If your event is on demand, drop plenty of teasers, trailers, and behind-the-scenes (social media is your best friend here), allowing viewers to connect through comments and DMs in real-time. These raw, personal touches will encourage your audience to become active players in your brand’s story.

4. Enhance marketing strategies

The beauty of delivering your event on a streaming service is that you can build on your existing marketing material/campaigns. For example, if the show involves an artist set to release and tour a new album, create a live stream promotional plan to generate more buzz – lest people forget! We have a proven track record with major record labels delivering concert streams in support of their frontline release campaigns. PPV stream can be used as a bundle with physical products, as well as merchandise and show related content for their artist releases.

Exhibits A, B, C and D:

Zara Larsson toured and promoted her fourth album ‘Venus’ with a special live concert stream in Amsterdam.  

Anne-Marie beat the pandemic blues with a first-ever global live performance of her album ‘THERAPY’ while delighting music lovers whose only option was to stream.  

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds delivered ‘Council Skies’ live from Wythenshawe Park, reaching beyond the 30,000 eager attendees. (The live concert stream was later recognised at the Sandbox Campaigns of the Year 2023 for its role in marketing the album).  

Then there’s All Time Low, who live streamed their sold-out ‘Tell Me I’m Alive’ album launch show directly to fans’ screens in real-time and on demand to relive over again.  

5. Open new revenue opportunities

Releasing your event stream is a great way to generate extra revenue, whether hybrid or solely online. You can broadcast on a pay-per-view model, offering a small or large charge for people who would like to tune in and watch the show and/or give discounted access to super fans.

You might also consider teaming up with other companies and artists for product placement to target multiple audiences, increase brand awareness, and generate conversion leads.

Selling your live stream event almost works the same way as an in-person event – it’s simple to set up on a streaming service and promote online. Speaking of…

Choosing the right streaming platform

You might be wondering how to produce and deliver a live stream event to thousands of viewers across the globe – that’s where we come in. Our high-quality event production and streaming services will help guide you on your journey, including on-site management, DRM-protected distribution, marketing and brand partnership opportunities.

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