The Dolby Atmos Experience At Home

What is Dolby Atmos? Here’s everything you need to know.  

Ever missed a legendary concert by your favourite artist? Let’s face the facts, we all have. And sometimes, streaming your dream gig doesn’t leave you half as starstruck as if you were standing right there, in the midst of the audience. 

That is until… 

Dolby Atmos turns the typical recorded live show on its head, trailblazing a new way for music addicts to tune into the most iconic music events of the year, capturing A-list performances with the spellbinding atmosphere of world-renowned venues. 

So, what is Dolby Atmos? 

Pioneering on the big screen, Dolby audio swiftly claimed its crowning spot in the home cinema world. Now, through Dolby Atmos, this game-changing technology revolutionises the way we appreciate music with a hyper-realistic spark, placing you at the heart of each moment you missed, or dream of re-living. 

This isn’t your ordinary surround sound system. From the studio to the stage, Dolby sound illuminates new depths in how we hear and feel each song, using cinematic immersion to reveal brand new details in tracks you’ve heard a hundred times before. 

Whether you’re streaming music or one of our live concerts, Atmos lets you sink into your lifelong favourites as if hearing them for the very first time. Dolby puts you in the best seat of the house, wrapping ribbons of three-dimensional music around you to craft the ultimate, immersive illusion of being present, caught in the moment with your favourite artists standing right in front of you. 

Dolby vs. Standard Surround Sound 

It’s not always enough to just hear a song – real music lovers crave the details, the harmonic journey and the soaring release of a star vocalist’s performance. Dolby surround sound captures exactly that, and more than ever thought possible. 

Dolby marks the frontier of modern audio, using cutting-edge tech to invent a whole new music production technique that conjures captivating levels of lifelike immersion, just like you’d find at a live concert. Dolby Atmos sinks you deeper into each audio experience, magnifying the depth, richness and clarity of the music you listen to. 

So, what exactly is it that makes Dolby Atmos better than standard surround sound? Atmos introduces the three-dimensional art of sound design that’s impossible to match under the old standard.  

Imagine if a world-class producer tailored a performance of your favourite artist just for you, placing you front and centre of the show; the perfect place to hear every musical note and element. Dolby Atmos provides this exact experience, bringing the outstanding immersion of a live concert straight into your living room.  


Is Dolby Atmos worth it? 

Absolutely. From studio recordings to live-streamed concerts, every music lover dreams of a performance that’s fine-tuned precisely to their own experience. Why would you want to be just another member of the audience when Dolby Atmos can give you the red-carpet treatment?  

How does Dolby Atmos work?   

Dolby eliminates all the creative constraints that come with standard, channel-based audio. Instead, Dolby Atmos recreates the realistic intricacies within each music performance using 3D sound design. Sound “objects” are placed within a 3D field and expertly manipulated within the mix, exploring new heights and depths within a song and innovating a brand-new listening experience, allowing you to grasp every unique, musical detail within a grippingly realistic, spatial context.  

What is the best setup for Dolby Atmos?  

Did you know brands such as Sony, JBL, and Apple support Atmos? Simply connect to your wireless or plug-in headphones (such as AirPods Pro, JBL Tune Beam, or Sony WF-C500) and start streaming. If you’re looking to fill your room with sound, place a pair of Atmos enabled surround-sound speakers just above ear-level use or overhead speakers for the full effect of Dolby’s audio magic.  

Can I experience Dolby Atmos on my mobile / laptop? 

Of course! People are often unaware that Atmos is readily available on their phones, computers, and tablets (if their device is compatible). Discover more information about supported devices here. 

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